Careers In Film

"I've always considered myself a filmmaker who writes stuff for himself to do. "
- Quentin Tarantino
Nashville film institute

Plans and executes the overall artistic direction of a film, including approving every detail of every shot and nurturing the on screen performances of the actors. Responsible for the the way a film looks, feels and communicates. The artistic commander in chief, with a signature style unto his or her own. 

Literally responsible for delivering a final picture, or producing a film for a studio or investors by managing the entire film making process from pre-production to sale or distribution. A producer oversees all the non-artistic aspects of a film from initial fund raising, to budgeting and scheduling, hiring and firing, to making sure that a finished film is delivered as promised. The power-brokers of Hollywood.

The Director of Photography. Responsible for capturing the director's vision onto moving picture, whether film or video. Works closely with the director to frame the on-screen action, and to design the lighting for a specific scene. The true artistes of filmmaking.

The chief lighting technician on a set, a gaffer is a member of the electrical department who is responsible for operating lights and lighting equipment on a set. Will assist the cinematographer achieve their artistic vision for a scene by collaborating on the lighting design. 

Key grip
The chief of a group of grips, responsible for the mechanical stagings on-set, whether they be cranes, camera dollies and track, pyrotechnics, etc. Grips are the mechanical engineer and muscle behind the scenes -- often doubling as a construction coordinator and a backup for the camera crew. Key grips work closely with the gaffer. 

Under the tutelage of the director, responsible for artfully assembling all of the production footage into a finished movie over the course of months, and sometimes years. Where editors used to literally "cut" the film and splice it together in a painstaking analogue process, now all their work in the cutting room is done on computers. Editors are key-contributers to a film's final form, oftentimes making artistic contributions equal to that of the director. 

Post Production Supervisor
The person responsible for overseeing the entire post-production of a project. Helps to ensure that the film is delivered on time and on budget while satisfying the sometimes-competing needs of the director and the producers.