Featured NFI Student Voice

"The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen. " - Lee Iacocca

William Mueller"Movies have always been one of my biggest interests. Many weekend nights, after school evenings, and summer days while I was growing up, I could be found watching films. My friends always knew me as the guy who could quote or impersonate most anything from the cinema world. After high school and a year of college, I joined the U.S Army. Many things in my life changed, but my love of the movie world remained the same. Now, my enlistment has ended, and I have decided to make a career for myself in a field I truly love. My one concern was financing this dream though, and the Nashville Film Institute along with the Veterans Association have eased the burdens of those worries. Because the NFI accepts the Montgomery G.I. Bill, and the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, many other service members can turn aspiring filmmakers.

"Since I started at the Nashville Film Institute I have already had many exciting and educating experiences that other programs don't offer. I have worked with cameras and audio equipment already, written scripts, been taught by published writers that personally work in the industry and received copies of their books, as well as PA opportunities. I have worked with fellow students filming country stars at the CMA festival for a PSA, and also worked withNBC's the Voice in Nashville and Atlanta as a PA, where my performance granted me an invite to come to work the same casting event in LA. Soon, I will be working as a PA on the set of a feature film being shot locally, not to mention I am in the Pre-Production phases of my own silent film project.

"NFI has also given me another amazing opportunity with Yamaha Entertainment Group. I work as a video editing intern where I edit videos using Final Cut Pro for YEG. It is just another way I am getting exposure, making connections, and learning tools of the industry.

"So far, the Nashville Film Institute has been everything I've wanted and more in a film school. I encourage any prior military service members that have an interest in the film industry, to check out this school where you can get an education and experiences that can't be found anywhere else in the area."