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SPEAK FILM promo video made entirely from NFI student projects.

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Nashville Film Institute is the film school that teaches hands-on, and on location. NFI students are filmmakers who learn the art of filmmaking by actually creating them. Make films and build your reel while studying in NFI's 9-month Cinema Production Program.

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Tommy Golden's documentary project,
Behind My Smile: The Norma Golden Story
Featured on as an Editor's Pick

Looking for a Film School? Things you should consider:

The core curriculum: some film schools focus on application, and some focus more on the liberal arts aspects – actually filming vs. studying cinema and film history. All schools will do both, but make sure to ask for a full set of courses taught so that you can see what is the bulk of the training. And keep that in mind for yourself as well: which type of school do you want to attend?

Class size: While its true that major motion pictures have hundreds of people working on them, chances are you don't want to be in that sort of environment while learning how to make films. Ask about class size, especially for classes where you are learning the techniques of filmmaking. You want to make sure that you actually get your hands on the equipment and practice in the classes that are meant to do so.
Student projects: Find out how many projects each student is required to complete (not just "an option to complete") during the entire course. A great aspect about attending a film school is you have access to good equipment that you can use to start building your reel. Moreover, the more projects that are required, the more hands-on time you get to practice and refine your skills.

How does the school feel?: If you're going to spend money on going to school to study film, you want to make sure the environment is one in which you're comfortable and want to spend a lot of time – as many hours a day as you can – perfecting your skills. So take a tour of the schools. Speak with the faculty and students to get an overall feeling for what it's like to be a student there.
Unconditional Movie

Featured: Unconditional

In theaters September 28th, the feature film, Unconditional, began limited previews Summer 2012.

On the set were NFI students and graduates: Tommy Wooldridge, Taylor Ingraham, Dustin Shay Loftis, and Zac Carlsen

For more information, visit the Unconditional website.

Tommy Wooldridge Gives It Another Try:

NFI graduate needs our help.Tommy needs some help with the ladies. Will using Justin Bieber lyrics as pick-up lines score him a date for Valentine's? Watch VEVO's Lyric Lines... if you can handle the awkwardness.

William Mueller

Student Voice: Danny McCracken, US Army
(Now has worked with: Lions Gate, The Voice, Yamaha Entertainment Group)

"Movies have always been one of my biggest interests. Many weekend nights, after school evenings, and summer days while I was growing up, I could be found watching films. My friends always knew me as the guy who could quote or impersonate most anything from the cinema world. After high school and a year of college, I joined the U.S Army. Many things in my life changed, but my love of the movie world remained the same. Now, my enlistment has ended, and I have decided to make a career for myself in a field I truly love ... more

Student Voice: Kappel Cloninger

"Nashville Film Institute has prepared me to make movies. There is no better way to say it. We are well underway of preproduction on our short film, Tandem, and it's going to take a lot of us to make it happen. The cool thing about NFI is that we all learn to work together and this project would not happen by myself. This is an ambitious student film that will test everything we have learned here at NFI. We are still raising funds for the film so feel free to check out our IndieGoGo site!

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