Micah Ellars

What Our Students Say

"Micah Ellars is a wellspring of knowledge, shedding light in the depths of student filmmakers minds. He takes the chaos of filmmaking and turns it into something that anybody can learn to do. He is a vast resource when it comes to filmmaking and business alike. He shows you how a film is made on a professional level and how business behind the silver screen is done.

Micah Ellars teaching style is comprehensive and immediately applicable. Taking the information he teaches from classroom to the real world is as easy as breathing - you don't even have to think about it. When a student enters a classroom, they are there to learn, but when a student enters his classroom they don't just learn; with his guidance they begin to know.

Micah Ellars has a unique ability to take what he has learned from years of professional filmmaking and present it to students in an exciting yet viable manner which directly translates into on set know how. His engaging classes create a space where students can truly learn the art of motion picture. He is more than a teacher in a classroom, he is a mentor."
Tyler Manuel
Graduate 2015

"The great thing about Micah Ellars is, when he is teaching, he doesn't say, "30 years ago I did this". Instead he says, "last week" or "a couple months ago I did this". He teaches on the good, the bad, and on what it takes to constantly improve the skill. Everything he brings to the class room comes from real and recent experience. With Micah Ellars it's not just a classroom experience, we actually get up and do the work. We get to do real work for real clients. We recently shot a music video for an up and coming artist. Throughout the entire shoot Micah created an environment where we could not only learn, but create. As a student he gives us the opportunity to give our own ideas on the job. If our ideas work then we enact those ideas, if they don't work, he explains why while showing us what does work. Micah teaches from a place of truth. Whether it's from his own experience or from that of the experiences of those who came before him. If you don't understand something he is always willing to help you as much as he can. Micah is a great teacher."
Current NFI Film Student