Canon Workshop at NFI

“I have always loved and used Canon cameras but have never had a chance to ask questions in person and have them answered so quickly and well. Many of my “why” questions that, on the internet, had vague or just plain wrong answers were given answers that finally made sense to me! Goes to show that there is always more to learn.” – Kappel Cloninger, NFI student

Students and Alumni attended the recent Canon workshop at the Nashville Film Institute last Thursday, July 19, 2012. Our special guest was Canon Representative Mark Karwisch. Mark displayed a selection of models, including the 7D, 5D Mark II and III, the XF-305, the XF-100, the T3i, the fantastic C300 and many prime lenses. Using live camera monitoring, he showcased each camera’s capabilities. Convincingly, Mark turned off the lights to demonstrate the ISO sensitivity (up to 20,000) of the C300. Students actively participated by moving around the room to test cool features such as Facial Recognition.

Many student questions were raised and answered. We were all amused to learn why the video cameras stop recording at 12 minutes :). After the Q&A session, students were allowed to go hands-on with the cameras and test them out. – 230 Franklin Rd. Building 14, Franklin TN 37065 – (877) 627 3456