My Experience on a FilmSet at NFI

– Ricky Cassetty, Senior at Page High School

“On June 24, I had the privilege to be inside the Nashville Film Institute building, and watched them film a scene. There ¬†was only a limited number of invitees to the film set, so I got a more personal look at what went into creating a movie. The way they filmed this scene was new to me. It shocked me to see how they used DSLR video cameras for this particular scene. However it made sense in the end because the camera was very easy to maneuver around, and was easier to set up. Through this shoot I learned how to properly slate a movie, how to create better lighting, how to deliver lines in a scene, and how to rehearse the scene.

I was able to talk with the cast and crew about filming this scene. I also hung out with some of the students who were alumnus, and even an attending student around the NFI building. One big surprise for me was that I met with Tommy Wooldridge, the guy who has recently been so popular with his “Blink 182 pick up lines” video. I didn’t know he was a graduate of the Nashville Film Institute and joined the school soon after graduating high school . One of the students even showed me some of his projects from the school which was a silent film. I also got a chance to show the guys the work I’ve created.

I also got to talk with Prema Thiagarajah, the CEO of NFI and she recommended me an internship on the Steve Jobs movie, where a NFI graduate is working for!! Sadly, I had to turn this opportunity down because I still have one more year of High School left.

As a rising filmmaker with a dream of being in the film industry, to be on a filmset is pretty awesome for me. Thank You so much Nashville Film Institute for inviting me to this event, and I can’t wait to be invited back again.”