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Directing 101 Storyboarding to Screen

On November 9th, 2009, the October class of the NFI attended their first directing class. As part of the course, instructor Michael D’Anna introduced the students to the wonderful world of storyboarding, teaching them how to translate their vision of the script into visuals on the page. Each student was given a scene from a script & asked to storyboard it out the way they would shoot it. Student Jimmie Jones, whose work is showcased here, learned the importance of framing, blocking, and camera placement, while also demonstrating the well-known fact that storyboards aren’t supposed to be works of art, but rather tools to aid the director & the D.P. in the translation from script to screen.


The photos were snapped as Jimmie directed the translation of his short scene from storyboard to screen, with classmates Jessica on sound and Corey on camera.