Summer Film Camp at NFI!
June 20 - July 1, 2016

You're interested in starting a career in the film industry, and want to feel what it's like to create and work on a film – well, then NFI's Summer Film Camp is for you!

During this 2-week, hands-on course you and your classmates will create a short film from start to finish. Learn by doing: screenwriting, film shooting, lighting, casting, directing, and more! At the end of the program everyone in the course will be a part their own 'Movie Premiere' where your film will be screened in front of fellow classmates, friends and family!

Enroll now for the remaining seats: only $1000.00 for the entire program!

Nashville Film Institute's Summer Film Camp:

  • 2-week, hands-on course about making movies.
  • Experience a broad spectrum of different job-types within the film industry.
  • Create and star in your own film.
  • Limited to a maximum 20 students in the course.
  • Get a special glimpse into the lifestyle and work involved in being a professional filmmaker.
  • Over the span of two weeks, you will dive into making a film with NFI faculty. This includes script writing & analysis, filming, as well as casting and direction. Once the writing is complete, one script will be chosen to go into production and be filmed. This is a unique opportunity to make a film start to finish in a real-world environment.

If you're an actor who normally works in front of the camera, this is also a great chance to quickly learn the other side to enhance your overall filmmaking skills.

NFI Summer Camps are limited to 20 students, age 16 - 18 only, to provide you with lots of hands-on experience and individualized attention. The camp spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Acting is living life – in your character's shoes. This boot camp is designed to let actor's become accustomed to the auditioning process, quick script analysis, and completing a full scene. The first day will consist of a quick introductory to acting and then straight into being comfortable on stage, emotional ranges, and parts of improv.

Actors will be given a three to four page script at the beginning of the class to memorize and perform perfectly on the last day. In between the script we will be studying body language, dialogue, and cold reading. The student can expect to be more comfortable as an actor and to know how to prepare for an actual day of shooting by the end of the class!

The Actors Boot Camp is currently not in session. Please contact NFI to for more information about the next start date!

LOW TUITION: $250.00


Learn more about all NFI programs: download the NFI Brochure.


What is Your Song? Music Camp at NFI

Are you always writing songs or poems and want to learn how to create a song from start to finish? NFI's NEW Summer Music Camp will teach you about song-writing, film scoring, mixing and more! You and your classmates will create a song from start to finish and will even record your song in a professional recording studio with professional musicians! At the end of the course you will have a finished, professional song or film score.

Music In Motion is a hands on workshop offering students, at a entry level, the opportunity to create an original song. While learning and working along side professional songwriters, composers and musicians, the students will be obtaining the technical, creative and business skills needed for the real world market. In a small group setting, each writing team will have their original song brought to life by musicians in a Nashville recording studio. In addition, the students will also have the opportunity to participate in creating a musical score for a completed short film.

NFI Summer Camps are limited to 20 students, age 16 - 18 only, to provide you with lots of hands-on experience and individualized attention. The camp spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Any student who participates in a Summer Camp program, and then enrolls in the nine month Nashville Film Institute Diploma program in the same year will have the cost of their summer camp tuition deducted from the total cost of their diploma program.

To register for the Nashville Film Institute Summer Camp program, complete the online application and pay the $100 application fee. Remember, the camp size is small, and space will fill up quickly, so complete your application today to reserve your space!