NFI Testimonials

"The filmmaker's got to make it his story and the actors have got to make it their story."
- Rachel Griffiths
Nashville film institute

"Artrageous is excited with our newly created partnership with The Nashville Film Institute. The students and staff offer amazing talent and produce remarkable professional work. We are proud to know there is such a top notch organization as NFI in Nashville. Artrageous continues to evolve thanks to NFI."

- Jon Harper (President of Artrageous)

"It has been a true pleasure working with Prema and NFI over the past year. Their vision to train filmmakers goes hand in hand with The Doorpost's philosophy of finding, mentoring, funding, and releasing the next generation of great filmmakers. NFI's students are well equipped to handle every aspect of the film making process. We look forward to many more years of partnering together to create great art and help the next generation fulfill their passion for filmmaking."

- Dave Spring (The Doorpost Film Project)

"Two months into our nine month program at the Nashville Film Institute, we were interning on the feature film BAILEY. Hanging with Mario Van Peebles and shooting behind the scenes footage for the electronic press kit.  The faculty bent over backwards to accommodate our three week shooting schedule."

- Andre Churchwell (NFI Student)

“Hello, fellow media-sponge. What really needs to be discussed, however, is the unique social atmosphere at the NFI. It's hard to know what to expect when you're told you'll only have seven other people in your graduating class - and for a hands on school like The Nashville Film Institute it's an acutely marvelous thing. I can distinctly remember playing with my father's VHS camera as a child and wondering where all the kids MY age were that wanted to help me make movies.

I am proud to say that I have found them.

If you are considering coming to study at The Nashville Film Institute with us I highly encourage you to amp up that consideration. It's an environment that cultivates creativity in a way I have never quite seen before. You'll be surrounded by individuals that are passionate about what they are doing - and more importantly, are genuinely passionate about what YOU are doing. You won't regret it.

Hope to see you soon." - Jessica Graves (NFI Student)

“I remember back when I was in middle school and first started making stupid movies with my friends. I would sit in the movie theater and watch the credits roll thinking, ‘wouldn’t it be cool to see my name crawl up that screen?

Through the Nashville Film Institute I was not only able to accomplish that dream by seeing my name in the credits of a feature film, but also to create even more dreams, more ambitions, and make them more attainable than ever before.”

- Tommy Wooldridge (NFI Student)