NFI Top Ten

“As a filmmaker you get typecast just as much as an actor does, so I'm trapped in a genre that I love, but I'm trapped in it! ” - George A. Romero
Nashville film institute

Top 10 Reasons to Study at NFI:

  1. Vocation, Vocation, Vocation
    Build a career for yourself in the film industry - our program teaches you both the art and business of filmmaking.

  2. Low Tuition, High Value 
    Prepare for a career in Cinema in 9 months with our unique educational model balancing theory and hands-on production in 9 months for under $20k. The Nashville Film Institute (NFI) diploma course is focused, affordable & teaches every commercial application of the moving image. See Admissions for more. See Admissions for more.

  3. Mac Book Pro laptop with professional video and sound editing software included
    Filmmaking on the go, when you enter the door. We give you the tools to get the job done. Included in your tuition!

  4. Small Class Size 
    A class of 12 students ensures more access to instructors, more networking opportunities and more time on equipment.

  5. Our teachers are Successful Filmmakers and University Professors
    Our faculty is made up of award winning film professionals with real world experience.  NFI values their ability to maintain thriving professional careers because it keeps our students on the cutting edge of the new film economy.

  6. Hands-on training
    In-depth hands-on training with the latest industry standard equipment.

  7. Internship Opportunities 
    Nashville is constantly bustling with film and video productions. NFI is part of that community. As such, our students often work and apprentice on productions in and around Nashville.

  8. Accelerated Education
    All film, all the time. Total immersion education gets you out into the work world faster. We're laser-focused on what you need to know to succeed in the film industry.

  9. Targeted Curriculum. 
    The Nashville Film Institute filmmaking curriculum targets exactly what you need to start a career in the film industry. We combine industry-applicable theoretical knowledge with specific skill set instruction so that our graduates know both the WHATs and the HOWs that are necessary to make great films.

  10. Living easy on the “Third Coast." 
    By studying in Nashville, you'll enjoy a lower cost of living and a lower stress level than you'd experience while living in those other industry hubs: Los Angeles and New York City. Nashville is an emerging creative mecca that everyone wants to know about. Ask Jack White, Nicole Kidman.