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Dialogue Family Film Workshop and Screening @ NFI

“Clean your room!” “What’d you do to the car?” “No, you can’t wear that…or that!” “ You
never let me do anything” “ I am not your slave”

Action…Comedy…Suspense…Love…Conflict...Drama….Sound like your family? Then Dialogue Family Film Workshop is for you!

Nashville Film Institute presents an exciting new monthly workshop created for families of high school students to learn the art of film making while engaging in topics relevant to everyday family life.

Held at the NFI campus next to the historic Franklin Factory, Dialogue is a unique day-
long event where families are treated to a personalized team mentoring experience with professionals and NFI students on the film-making process. Together families will write, cast, and direct their own short films during the day and in the evening will share their productions in a screening at the NFI open house.

Every family knows drama, and drama knows film! Join us in this opportunity to learn about movies in a great family setting.

No prior film experience is required. The event is free and open to families in Williamson
County. The Dialogue workshop is open to high school students aged 14-18 and their parents. Each workshop is open to 10 families.




The Nashville Film Institute is pleased to host a special two-hour seminar for media teachers presented by industry expert William M. Akers. This seminar is specifically designed to provide media teachers with information about screenwriting and filmmaking from a professional who has worked with major film and TV companies.

"William Akers workshop was an absolute delight! I thoroughly enjoyed his very practical tips and inside stories from the movie industry, and am now enjoying his book."

- Bob King Media Teacher Fairview High School

William M. Akers has written scripts, TV series and documentaries for Overture, MGM, Disney and Universal Studios as well as Fox, NBC, ABC and TNN television networks. A lifetime member of the WGA, Akers also
teaches screenwriting and filmmaking at Vanderbilt University and actively holds workshops and seminars throughout the world. He co-produced and shot Urim
and Thummim, a feature documentary, which screened at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival. His best selling book, Your Screenplay Sucks! 100 Ways to Make it Great, has helped many aspiring screenwriters improve their writing. Akers is currently rewriting a screenplay for White Water Productions.

"Who says you have to be a filmmaker or screenwriter to sit in on Will Akers workshop ? Every-time I listen to the Maestro speak, my soul sings, it is challenged to learn about topics that it never thought was a part of its make. I just might want to learn to write or critique a student's film."

- Prema Thiagarajah
CEO Nashville Film Institute

"It was a fantastic workshop...Mr. Akers is both completely accessible and clear in his message. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much. He is a masterful, organized, and creative teacher. Thank you so much for offering this!!!"

- Laura Beth Jackson
Community Relations Specialist
Business Education Partnership Foundation
Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce

This two-hour seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Storytelling Basics – What a Good Short Needs to be Great
  • 7 Deadly Sins of Screenwriting
  • 7 Deadly Sins of Filmmaking - Why Student Films Aren’t Good
  • A Screening of Short Films - A Discussion of What is Good and Bad
  • Basics of Location Sound
  • What Students Learn from Filmmaking
  • What Can Be Learned from Teaching Screenwriting and Filmmaking
  • Professionalism within the Film Industry
  • Networking and Career Opportunities within the Film Industry

"I had the pleasure of attending the Nashville Film Institute's workshop with Scriptwriter Will Akers giving advice to teachers about how to better instruct students of film. It was very informative and though I'm not a teacher in the film industry, I left with a better understanding of the filmmaking process from his experienced point of view. I feel the film teachers that attended will be able to point out amateur mistakes that are commonly made by students that we never would have noticed before. I applaud the NFI as it continues to be a vital part of the film community through education."

- Gisela E. Moore
Assistant to the Director TN Film
Entertainment & Music Commission



Ray Ramano, Brook Shields, Charles Grodin, Joe Pesci, Michael J. Fox, Rodney Dangerfield, Bonnie Hunt, Dabney Coleman, Mary Tyler Moore, Dudley Moore, James Belushi, Bob Newhart, Tom Selleck, Lynn Redgrave, Jim Carey and many more.

2all stars in films directed by, Rod Daniel.  This is a rare chance for you to sharpen your acting skills and learn inside techniques (directing as well as acting) from this seasoned (32 year voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and 36 year member of the Directors Guild of America) Hollywood “actors director”.  Small “Master” classes; one-on-one attention.  If you have ever wanted to move to the next level as an actor, here is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.
For a more detailed list of Mr. Daniel’s credits, go to The Internet Movie Database



1If you have ever watched a TV show and wondered 'how did they come up with that line?', here's your chance to be part of the process.  Ahmadu Garba is a writer and has worked on various projects in TV and film like the Emmy nominated show Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Serenity, Lucky You and Book of Eli.   

Ahmadu will create a writer's room and take us through the process of how a script evolves from an idea to an actual TV episode.  He will hone your ability to tell a story and help discover your writing voice to get your ideas to the next level.